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Vertiv Rack Cooling-VRC100

For Edge IT Deployments
3.5kW capacity


The new Vertiv™ VRC rack cooling system, designed to fit easily into racks in small server rooms, network closets and similar edge computing environments. The Vertiv VRC can be configured and installed to meet the space restrictions of any edge site.

The Vertiv VRC delivers 3.5 kW of IT cooling, uniquely deploying load-matching, variable-capacity compressors, and fans, making it one of the industry’s highest capacity, most efficient cooling systems for IT cabinets. It comes in three heat rejection options: a self-contained configuration, with options for room or ceiling plenum heat rejection discharge, and a split system using a refrigerant loop and outdoor condenser.


• Includes Integrated Heat Rejection System
• Pre-Charged Refrigerant
• Plug Connection for Quick Plug-In-Play Installation
• Designed to fit within Standard 19” Rack Rails
• Easy to Handle under 150 lbs

• Heat Rejection Duct kit easily connects heat rejection air outlet to the ceiling plenum

• Condensate Evaporation simplifies condensate drain management

• Variable Speed Components continually match temperature and airflow to changing loads

• Modbus-RTU for connection to building management system, and plug-in SNMP card for monitoring over the network.

Note: Lead Times vary: 4- 8 weeks

For more information call (800)-686-5312 or email: Sales@MainlineComputer.com

A/C Cooling:

Installation Kit Includes:
* Duct Kit with 8" diameter flexible heat rejection duct
* 2'x2' Ceilign Grille
* Filter for Room Make Up Air
* Condensate Pump
* SNMP Monitoring Card
Note: All Air-Conditioned Racks are Special Order & Non-Returnable.
Mainline Computer Products will assist you in determining requirements.
Pricing does not include shipping charges, please contact Sales@MainlineComputer.com or call (800) 686-5312 for a freight quote.


  • Self-Contained Rack-Mounted Cooling System - 10U
  • 120V-1ph-60hz
  • UL484 listed
  • Designed to be rack-mounted and fit within 19” EIA rails
  • 10U Tall
  • Factory charged with R-410A refrigerant
  • 6-foot power cord with 5-20P plug
  • Variable speed compressor, and variable speed cooling fan
  • Microprocessor control with display
  • Ship-Loose Accessories (Field Installed):
  • Condensate pump with 6-foot power cord and plug
  • Heat rejection duct kit with metal duct transition, 8” diameter flex duct, and ceiling attachment kit
  • SNMP Monitoring Card
  • 2’x2’ ceiling make-up air grille with filter
  • Accessories
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