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Mainline Computer Products can provide you with a single point of contact for your total relocation solution. Our services are flexible, responsive and value-oriented and are among the most comprehensive available. Our team of specialists works with your staff to address specific requirements.

Our services include the coordination of vendors and subcontractors, helping to insure that the project stays on schedule and budget.

Relocation Services include:
  • Space Planning and Project Management - we provide an overall relocation plan, risk assessment, contingency plans, schedules, and hardware plans.
  • Mover Services -we provide for logistic coordination, interim storage, special rigging requirements, transportation and delivery.
  • Relocation Packaging -: we coordinate packaging of your equipment to ensure durability and handling during your move
Our Value Add
We have full knowledge of the value of the need for timely movement of your mission critical equipment resources. Whether you're moving to another floor in your building or to another state. The only way to minimize your risk is to work with experienced movers who understand your priorities. You need movers who can anticipate and prevent problems. With Mainline Computer Products as your project manager, you can ensure such a mover, and minimize all the risks and liabilities associated with a complex relocation. You can be assured of a well thought out moving plan, and experienced carriers, riggers, and relocation specialists, Mainline Computer Products is committed to your total satisfaction and building a long-term relationship.
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