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Mainline Technical Services :
Mainline's onsite technical services are available within the Central Ohio area and Franklin County. Many of our customers are small to medium sized businesses which are growing, but their size and financial restrictions limit their ability to support a full time IT professional. Mainline offers professional support on an as-needed basis. Customers, who take advantage of this services, find it cost effective and eliminates the stress associated with the daily computer related issues. Our courteous and professional technicians are all Microsoft Certified MCSA or MCSE, MCP, Network + and software/hardware A+ certified. Our technicians take great pride in knowing the details that comprise your business and make it unique. Our caring "take ownership"attitude sets us apart from the rest. We value our long-standing and reputable relationship with our clients. Our customers know they can count on us for fast, reliable and professional service when they need it most. Telephone support is also available within the continental U.S.

Some of the services we provide.

Data Transfer, Backup and Recovery :
Want to upgrade your computer system but concerned about loss of critical business data? We can ease your concerns and protect and preserve your critical data files. We have many backup options available depending on your specific business requirements. Loss of data can be devastating to a business and data recovery is extremely expensive. We have permanent backup options available to secure your important files against human, hardware or software failures.

System Upgrades :
Upgrading computer hardware and operating system can greatly improve your networks performance and security. Perhaps you have wanted to update your systems. Concerned about losing your business data files? We upgrade desktop systems and servers on a daily basis, while maintaining and preserving critical business data.

Microsoft has stated that as of June of 2006, they will no longer support their Windows 98 or 98 SE operating systems. If you have to continue to use Windows 98 because your older software has compatibility issues with XP, Mainline can setup and test options that may allow older applications to work with XP. We can also assist with custom software options to eliminate your reliance on older technology and software.

Since we are a full line IT products vendor, hardware and software upgrades are also available. We do it all. From complete server and workstation replacements to upgrading separate computer components such as DVD-RW drive, RAM, hard drive upgrades, LCD monitors, printers, MFC's and UPS's.

Viruses, Malicious Software and Spyware :
Slow systems affect your business productivity. Every day systems fall pray to viruses, malware and spyware. We've seen it all. Our techs are trained in the steps required to rid your systems of these problems and keep them away in the future. We can assess your business computer setup and advise on any potential security related problems that may be causing you money.

Computer Maintenance :
Our recommend routine maintenance plans are designed to fix and correct problems before they become major money draining issues. We check hardware, software and run diagnostics and system performance tools to bring your system back to its original performance. Regular maintenance, keeps major problems from causing downtime and expense. Employees are happier and more productive on efficient running systems.

Local Area Networks :
Do you have a couple of computers that you want to network? We can setup a LAN, consisting of 2 to 200 computers allowing you to share data, printers, or high-speed Internet access. A small network can greatly increase your business system's capabilities and efficiency. We can setup wired or wireless, peer to peer, ICS or Server based networks depending on your business requirements.

On-Site Software Training :
Periodic training on changing computer technology makes for a computer savvy workforce. Employees are less apt to call for assistance when small software related problems develop. This saves your business money. We have onsite training packages designed to enhance your employees knowledge in the areas of Windows 98, 2000, XP, Office, MS Works, Acrobat Professional, PhotoShop, Paint Shop, and Antivirus/Spyware tools. We also offer classes in safe internet and E-mail practices.

Other Services :
The world of Information Technology is HUGE. Our services are extensive. If you require PC or Network solutions, call today. Put our Knowledge and years of experience to work for you.

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