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Desktop Procurement
Buying online saves your company time and money. With our Catalog@work you don't have to give up excellent service. We assign you your own account manager. CATALOG@WORK is the latest in desktop procurement.

Set up an account for quick and easy online shopping. With an account you can access extensive product information, create side-by-side product comparisons, and easily build, manage and track your quotes and orders.

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Catalog@work Features:
Product searching, over 250,000 IT Products! Drill down through organized product categories to find certain types of products. Utilize CATALOG@WORK's powerful search engine to quickly find products using a keyword, manufacturer part number, or natural language.
Search refinement
Select specific product attributes to refine and narrow your searches. Highly intelligent parametric searching allows you to narrow your search results to pin point accuracy. Choose products to see how they stack up against each other.
Create Custom Product comparison
Compare normalized product specifications side-by-side, feature for feature. Immediately understand key product differences. Email the results directly to your colleagues.
Review detailed information on a specific product including: See the technology. Most items have a product image. Read detailed narrated product description. Verify the products specifications.
Quote review & approval
Enable online quote review and order confirmation. You have the ability to edit your own quotes.
Shopping cart
Build your own quotes and orders from scratch. Use the order assistant feature to get help from our sales staff. View your Companies customized pricing.

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