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Data Recovery Options
Data loss doesn't have to be a disaster. Mainline has partnered with the industry leaders in data recovery and forensics.

The chart below shows various types of operating systems and problems that we see at Mainline Computer Products. We have outlined the service and software solutions that are available given the data loss problem or situation.

Operating Systems
Problem / Situation DOS, Win 3.x / 95 / 98 / Me / NT /2000 / XP Novell, LINUX, UNIX, & Derivative OS/2, MacOS, VMS, MVS
Directory or File(s) Deletion RDR, In Lab, Easy Recovery RDR, In-Lab, ODRN (Novell) In-Lab
Master Boot Record/ Partition Corruption RDR, In Lab, Easy Recovery RDR, In-Lab In-Lab
FAT/MTF Corruption, Inaccessible Data on Mounted or Unmounted Volumes (Novell) RDR, In Lab, Easy Recovery RDR, In-Lab, ODRN (Novell) In-Lab
FDISK / Format Execution RDR, In Lab, Easy Recovery RDR, In-Lab In-Lab
Computer Virus Infection RDR, In Lab, Easy Recovery RDR, In-Lab In-Lab
Software Corruption Program Failure RDR, In Lab, Easy Recovery RDR, In-Lab In-Lab
Hard Disk / Media Corruption or Failure In-Lab In-Lab In-Lab

RDR - Remote Data Recovery Service
Using patented technology, our engineers perform lab-quality data recovery service right on your server, desktop, or laptop through a modem or internet connection. Additionally, the connection is secured by using a proprietary protocol, encrypted packets, and safe facilities.

In-Lab Data Recovery Service
Ship the damaged drive or storage device to our lab and let our experienced engineers determine what is necessary to recover the data. We return the data on the storage media of choice. Most standard data recovery jobs are completed in 3-5 days.

EasyRecovery Professional Software
EasyRecovery professional provides an easy to use, do-it-yourself solution to meet data loss needs and restore valuable data. EasyRecovery Professional offers a complete solution for disk diagnostic, data recovery, and file repair needs.

ODRN - Data Recovery for Netware Software
ODNR software (v5.10) is the only NLM utility available that can recover and protect valuable data, minimize downtime, and save money. This software is specially designed to provide continuous access to network data and help prevent potential problems before they occur. ODRN is Novell YES tested and approved
We offer five different service levels with varying pricing options to accommodate every situation

Emergency (24 x 7 - Weekends & Weekdays)
A recovery engineer will work 24 x 7 for a quick and complete data recovery solution.

Weekend (8am to 5pm Weekends)
If the job is not completed during normal business hours, our expert engineers will continue to work 8am - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday to ensure a timely recovery

Priority (8am to 5pm - Weekdays)
Our engineers work on the data recovery job during normal business hours until the recovery process is complete. This moves the job ahead of standard jobs during every step of the recovery process and typically cuts recovery time in half.

Standard (8am to 5pm Weekdays)
A team of engineers works on the data recovery job during normal business hours. This service typically takes three to five days.

On-Site (24 x 7 - Weekends & Weekdays)
Our highly trained engineers travel anywhere to perform data recovery services onsite

For additional information call Sales Help (800)-686-5312 or E-Mail SalesHelp@mldelivers.com
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