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Mainline Computer Products offers the finest quality magnetic media to Data and Network Operation Centers nationwide. Mainline's account managers have experience dating back over 30 years and know the exacting requirements needed by its clients. Mainline's magnetic media product lines, offer the best in data assurance available. Mainline offers Magnetic Media from best-of-breed manufactures including Exabyte, Fuji, Graham, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Imation, Maxell, Quantum, and Sony.

Mainline also offers specialized factory initialization and pre-labeling services on many tape formats.

Many Magnetic Media Tape Formats need to be periodically cleaned and/or tested for optimum performance. During the Tape Cleaning process the tape is exercised, dust, dirt and oxide debris, which can contaminate tape and drives is removed. If not it these contaminates will adhere to drive mechanism and then to other tapes. We sell new and refurbished equipment to clean and test 3480, 3490E, 9-Track Reel-to-Reel Tapes and other formats. We also carry blades, tissues and other supply items for most cleaners and certifiers. Tape Cleaners not only improve your media handling efficiency, they also extend the life of your media.

Tape Testers identify poor performing tapes to help you eliminate those with unacceptably high error ratings, thereby increasing the efficiency and reliability of your entire library.

Degaussers permanently erase data that is no longer required, increasing security and allowing efficient media recycling.
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Our magnetic media services include

  • Media, Format, Optical or Data Conversion
  • Data Migration
  • Tape Management
  • Data Recovery
  • Virtual Storage Connectivity
  • Geophysical Transcription
  • 9-Track Retirement
  • Data and Media Destruction
  • Optical Storage

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