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SmartShelter Container - PFMICJ016F1R04B
SmartShelter Container - PFMICJ016F1R04B
16kW 4 Racks FanCoil Cooling 400V/50Hz

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SmartShelter Container-PFMICC096F1R12B
SmartShelter Container-PFMICC096F1R12B
96kW 12 Racks FanCoil Cooling 400V/50Hz
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APC by Schneider offers a range of fully integrated modular data centers which provide unmatched flexibility, resiliency, and energy efficiency. Our offering includes containerized ISO datacenters, NON ISO modular datacenters and datacenter modular rooms. The three systems offer a scalable method of quickly developing data centre capacity, require minimal work on site and can be operational in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional build.

Containerized Data Centers

Containerized Datacenters provide a fully functional and portable data center inside an ISO container with complete datacenter infrastructure. AST Modular containerized datacenters are also available as standalone IT, power and cooling modules that you can combine to achieve a fully plug & play large scale modular data center.

NON ISO Modular Data Center

NON ISO Modular Data Center is a purpose-engineered system designed to offer scalable data center capacity in a matter of weeks. Available in two standard sizes of 25’ and 45’ and with multiple power and cooling options, NON ISO MDC is suitable to green field datacenter deployments and can also be integrated into your existing data center facilities.

Modular Computer Rooms

With more than 500 Data Center Modular Rooms successfully delivered to date AST Modular can help you achieve a high-quality modular and secure data center and reduce capital and operational costs. Deployable inside virtually an existing data center, a warehouse or outdoors, Data Center Modular Rooms reduce complexity and time to market whilst still featuring the same attributes as a brick & mortar datacenter.

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In addition, our services include site design and infrastructure planning, construction management, power protection and security planning.
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