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Deploying a new data center or migrating your network to an IP architecture is a challenge, requiring a tremendous drain on resources. Doing so in a short timeframe seems nearly impossible. However, operators and carriers must make significant changes in order to improve agility, reduce operating costs and remain competitive. The SmartMod™ offering is an intelligent, rapid deployable, prefabricated enclosure for modular data centers, cable landing stations, or network aggregation.

Deploying a New Data Center is a Challenge, Requiring Tremendous Resources.

Building One in a Short Timeframe is Nearly Impossible.

Balancing data center requirements, budgets, and time constraints are causing IT and data center managers to seek infrastructure solutions that provide:

• Alternatives to building a conventional data center
• Simplicity and fast deployment
• Support for standalone capacity and availability
• Physical security

The SmartMod™ enclosure, part of the Smart Solutions family of offerings from Emerson Network Power, makes deploying a new data center easy.

This intelligent, rapidly deployable, stand-alone enclosure delivers industry-leading row-based products in simple, easily implemented configurations that reduce costs and eliminate complexity – and it can be implemented in just months.

This flexible solution can be used as a temporary data center, a remote data center or a disaster recovery site. And the SmartMod solution allows you to effectively manage a secure infrastructure that can optimize efficiency, capacity, availability, and space utilization.

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