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Mainline Computer Eaton ePDU - Same-Day Shipping

Eaton "BA" ePDU ( Basic
Reliable and economical power distribution ~ Vertical and horizontal mounting capabilities
Eaton "MI" ePDU ( Ethernet Monitored)
Monitor the amperage passing through each circuit of a ePDU
Eaton "SW" ePDU (Switched)
Provides remote power monitoring of both voltage and current~
Eaton Value Line-Horizontal Mount ePDU
Eaton Value Line-Horizontal Mount ePDU
Built to be light weight and easy to mount~
Eaton Value Line-Vertical Mount ePDU
Eaton Value Line-Vertical Mount ePDU
These power distribution units are cost effective solutions to meet all business needs~
ePDU Products from Eaton provide power solutions to distribute up to 32 kW and feature sophisticated functions, such as monitoring and switched technologies. The portfolio allows you to gain a plug-and-power architecture that organizes power distribution simplifies cable management and enables you to add and change IT equipment without an electrician.

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