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Mainline Computer Rear Door Heat Exchangers

IMS Cool Doors
IMS Cool Doors
Server Racks rear door heat exchangers for high density cooling provide up to 35 kW of cooling~
LiquiCool™ Rear Door Heat Exchangers
LiquiCool™ Rear Door Heat Exchangers
Retrofit Existing Cabinets, Flexible & Cost-Effective~
Chilled Door® High Density Rack Cooling System
Chilled Door® High Density Rack Cooling System
Rear Door Heat Exchangers deliver an industry-leading cooling system that uses chilled water to provide cooling for individual server cabinets. It is designed to increase equipment density in data centers, and helps reduce the need for inefficient computer room air conditioning units, saving you money and reducing your server footprint.

• Designed to help increase computer capacity in your data center without increasing AC
• Helps you maximize the usable storage space in your data center
• The Rear Door Heat eXchanger's sealed coil design when filled with above dew-point, chilled water can passively remove up to 60% of the heat generated in a fully populated rack or up to 50,000 Btu.

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