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Mainline Computer Access Flooring Tools

Access Floor Lifting Tools
Access Floor Lifting Tools
For Access Floor Panels
Panels-Air Flow
Panels-Air Flow
Aluminum GrateAire® for Steel Systems
Perforated Floor Tile Puller with red vinyl T-Hand
Perforated Floor Tile Puller with red vinyl T-Hand

We design, supply and install a floor to your exact specification and requirements. Any floor finish is easily achieved, and you can choose from a variety of finishes from bare faced metal panels for the installation of loose lay carpet tiles: factory bonded finishes such as anti-static vinyl for computer suites containing static sensitive equipment to special factory finishes such as marble and stone.

We offer four basic floor systems:
- Steel
- Concrete filled
- Aluminum
- Woodcore

Our surface offerings include High-Pressure Treated Laminate, which is the first choice of MIS department management for Data and Network Operations Centers because of its ease of maintenance and static dissipative properties.

For General Office Areas our Anti-Static Carpet is specified because of its attractive appearance and noise deadening qualities.

Further, if your requirement is for a specialty application requiring Conductive or Static Dissipative Vinyl tile, we have a complete section that offers color selection, technical data and specifications.

Each of the above mentioned floor systems have a different loading capability. The floor systems are available with a choice of surface coverings.

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