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Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression System

In-Cabinet Fire Protection



Cloud servers and telecommunications equipment cabinets are especially vulnerable to fire risks resulting from electrical faults, surges, short circuits and malfunctions. Innovative design considerations found inFiretrace in-cabinet systems provide fast, effective fire suppression which greatly reduces downtime, damage to mission-critical equipment and a client’s ability to continue operating. These address vital design considerations, including:

• Response and containment: Firetrace Detection Tubing, an integral element in both direct release systems and indirect release systems, are easily installed close to the source of potential fires, even in hard to reach areas. This tubing is heat sensitive and, in reaction to heat from a nearby flame, ruptures to release fire suppression fluid. This system prioritizes a very rapid response that puts out the fire where it starts, effectively containing the risk before it becomes uncontrollable and causes considerable damage.

Power source: Electrical fires often disrupt power sources and having an independent power source is an additional expense and design consideration, especially for small, confined spaces. Firetrace systems are completely self-contained and self-actuating, requiring no additional power source as they utilize a compact pressure release system.

Sensitive equipment: Traditional systems, especially water sprinklers, can easily compromise electrical equipment and cause far more damage than the fire itself. Firetrace systems utilize appropriate suppression agents which will not harm electrical, magnetic or energized equipment or the greater environment.

Automatic or manual response: Manual response systems are, by their very nature, more likely to increase the time before an effective response is actioned. While Firetrace systems can include manual activation, the primary focus is on automatic fire suppression, which means no additional equipment is required outside the self-contained system and responses to fires are as rapid and targeted as possible.

Cleanup: Fire suppression systems which require any level of cleanup impact on collateral damage, client downtime, and operational capacity. By utilizing commercially available clean agents, Firetrace systems leave no residue and require no post-discharge cleanup.

Emergency notification: Firetrace systems can be linked to a fire alarm in order to alert appropriate agencies to take emergency action. Optional pressure switches are also available to ensure the fire detection system triggers an emergency power off action.

Firetrace Fire Suppression Systems focus on stopping fires before they take hold by targeting fire risks within electrical cabinets and server racks. These small, high-performance systems are easily installed through cable routes, requiring no further drilling. Firetrace ensures optimal system installation and maintenance.

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