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42u EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet (240V Version)

* With EMS Controller
* 12kW heat load capacity
* 208-240v

  • 42U EDGE Active Soundproof Enclosure


By design
Arguably the best all round performing air-cooled soundproof MDC in the world – the EDGE-3 replaces the need for a dedicated server room and only takes up less than 1m² of valuable office/floor space, allowing localised (Edge) computing in populated or more sensitive locations – especially where there might be a concern of server noise being a distraction or breaching noise at work regulations..

Rapid deployment Micro Data Center
Simple ‘plug and play’ EDGE-3 solution is supplied pre-configured from the factory with built in intelligence and an energy efficient air-cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

Peace of mind is provided by an on board environmental and optional security monitoring system. Real time alarms and alerts which can be viewed via the WebUI will notify authorised personnel via email alarms relating to any issues with the cabinet.

Meaning you know what’s going on and can monitor who’s coming and going 24/7.

The EDGE-3 solution is available in 12U, 24U and 42U heights and 30.7”/780mm wide models, which easily fit through most doorways. The external depth is 43.31”/1100mm but if housing the new deeper server applications a 12”/300mm deep extension option is available.

Heavy duty castors make siting and deployment easy, once positioned, the cabinet can be levelled, which is especially useful on uneven floors.

The EDGE-3 plinth system allows easy access for cabling to pass underneath, once commissioned plinth panels complete the look.

Protecting and prolonging the life of your IT equipment is paramount so the EDGE-3 provides a safe IP44 environment as standard with the option of an IP54 upgrade for more rugged environments.

Energy saving and efficiency- Ducting System
Incorporating EC fan technology means an immediate energy reduction. These fans will also speed up and slow down as and when the heat load dictates once again removing the need for unnecessary over use of the fans.

Noise reduction of IT noise dBA 28.5dBA (99%)
Note: Dependent upon Ambient Air Temperature.

Standard Features:

· EC Fan Technology (Same fans used in the UCoustic 9210i)

· LCD Display (New for Edge 3)

· Swing Handle/Two Point Locking (same as UCoustic 9210i)

· Edge Management System Controller (New for Edge 3)

· Foam Cable Entry System (New for Edge 3, although the current Cable Entry Boxes are backwards compatible)

EDGE3 Sound investment
Saving the cost and space of a dedicated comms room is good but deploying IT equipment into the middle of a working environment can have many downsides to anyone working nearby with constant evasive noise and excessive heat generated from the active equipment. The EDGE-3 removes theses issues up to 28.5dBA (99.9%) of IT noise, which is tech speak for saying that it will reduce server noise down to a whisper.

Note: Enclosure Color: Black is Standard

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  • Technical Specification
  • General Edge 3 12U Edge 3 24U Edge 3 42U
  • Order Code — 100 to 115v
  • Light Grey
  • Black
  • E3G-1211-15
  • E3B-1211-15
  • E3G-2411-15
  • E3B-2411-15
  • E3G-4211-15
  • E3B-4211-15
  • Order Code — 200 to 240v
  • Light Grey
  • Black
  • E3G-1211-24
  • E3B-1211-24
  • E3G-2411-24
  • E3B-2411-24
  • E3G-4211-24
  • E3B-4211-24
  • H x W x D mm 720 x 780 x 1100 1154 x 780 x 1100 2054 x 780 x 1100
  • Weight (Cabinet) kg/lbs 140 /308 204/449 328/723
  • Weight (300mm Extension Frame) kg/lbs 23/51 33/73 47/104
  • Dynamic load
  • *inclusive of cabinet weight
  • kg/lbs 750/1653
  • Static load
  • *inclusive of cabinet weight
  • kg/lbs 1500/3307
  • Index of Protection IP44 - Upgrade to IP54 available
  • Noise reduction of IT noise dBA 28.5dBA (99%)
  • Paint finish
  • Light Grey
  • Black
  • Semi Gloss powder coat - Light Grey RAL 7035 and Orange RAL 2009
  • Semi Gloss powder coat - Black RAL 9005 and Orange RAL 2009
  • Frame material mm 1.5mm CR4 steel
  • Passive and active doors material mm 1.0mm, 1.2 & 2.0 mm CR4 steel
  • Top Cover material mm 1.2mm CR4 steel
  • Mounting angles material mm 2.0mm CR4 steel
  • Foam mm Fire Retardant
  • Intelligence
  • Monitoring Function On touch
  • Touch Screen LCD display Colour Alarm - Shows temperature & humidity, contact sensors
  • EC Fan Control Up to 2 - 2 set fan curves and custom option
  • Temp + Humidity Up to 4 sensors
  • Door Status Up to 6 dry contacts
  • Alarming SMTP & LCD Display alarms
  • Reporting
  • Local reporting - Alarms
  • Fan Speed
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Contact sensor
  • Camera
  • Alerts Notify when service or filter is due
  • Connectivity SNMP V1 , V2 & V3 out
  • Cooling Capacity Edge 3 12U Edge 3 24U Edge 3 42U
  • Max. Thermal Load kW 12 12 12
  • Fan Type Backward curve EC Fan
  • Cooling Type Air Cooled
  • Air cooling capacity 230V kW 6.2 10.5 11.5
  • Air cooling capacity 115V kW 6 9 10
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      Product Description EDGE Management System (EMS)
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