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Mainline Computer Liebert Liqui-tect Monitoring System

Liebert Liqui-tect 460 Zone Sensor with Cable
Liebert Liqui-tect 460 Zone Sensor with Cable

Liebert  LT410 Point Detection Module
Liebert LT410 Point Detection Module

Liebert LT500 Leak Detection Cable
Liebert LT500 Leak Detection Cable
Designed for use with Liebert Liqui-tect two channel leak detection and reporting system, and Liebert LT460 zone leak detection sensors
The ultimate in leak detection and retrofitting capabilities for computer rooms and other large areas
Liebert Liqui-tect Monitoring System-

Two Channel Direct-Read Leak Detection brings you the ultimate in leak detection and reporting capabilities. The Liebert Liqui-tect Monitoring System provides two channels for monitoring different areas with direct-read at the control unit location, as well as the ability to communicate with Liebert's SiteScan Web enterprise monitoring system or a building management system.

User-Friendly — The Liebert Liqui-tect Monitoring System features an easy-to-use liquid crystal display (LCD) panel with readout of normal and alarm conditions, as well as leak location.

Installation Flexibility — The slim profile of the monitoring panel enables the Liebert Liqui-tect Monitoring System to be mounted on a wall or recess-mounted within a wall. A choice of two different panels sizes provides flexibility to meet application needs.

Two Channel Capability with Accurate Sensing — The Liebert Liqui-tect Monitoring System has two independent channels to monitor two different areas. Each channel can monitor up to 5000 feet of Liebert LT500Y leak cable. Single-person mapping makes it easy to configure within the critical space. The system determines the location of water on the detection cable and reports the distance from the Liqui-tect Monitoring System, in feet or meters.

Ideal Applications>
• Computer rooms
• Large-scale network control centers
• Telecommunications central switching offices
• Satellite ground stations and other specialized data communications nodes
• Industrial process control rooms

Product Features
• Adjustable sensitivity setpoints for leaks and contamination
• Continuous scrolling of data
• History logs
• Automatic detection of broken and contaminated cables
• Two zones of 5,000 feet of cable per zone
• Configuration via local LCD display

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