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Mainline Computer Ergotron

A portfolio of mounting and mobility products for computer systems, monitors, laptops, TVs, tablets and mobile devices has empowered Ergotron to lead and innovate in each of these markets while continuing to provide solutions for nearly every niche.

Looking for a Custom Solutions?

Products designed your way!

Let Mainline Computer Products design a solution that’s tailored to you. From simple modification of a standard SKU to crafting an OEM product line that’s all your own, we know what it takes to get the job done right. With Mainline's 32+ years experience, you get a partner who understands design, engineering and manufacturing inside and out, and we’re proud to offer this knowledge and efficiency to you.

Corporate IT investment is at an all-time high. IT professionals are struggling to manage the rapid growth of both types of equipment, its storage, and personnel. Mainline Computer Products Mainframe and LAN Furniture offer IT departments the highest quality solutions to improve productivity, space utilization, manage growth and security. In addition, Mainline also offers Operations/Network Command Console.

Our Network furniture can be classified into three categories:
- Open Architecture - Furniture Racking
- Closed Architecture - Cabinets and Enclosures
- Console Style Monitoring Stations.

For over 30 years Mainline's in-house design staff has been providing customers with a single point of contact for creating a flexible, integrated work environment for their data and network operations.

For assistance on your project call Mainline Computer Products toll-free at (800) 686-5312 or
E-mail: Sales@MainlineComputer.com

See how we have provided cost-effective solutions for organizations nationwide.
Case Studies.
In addition, our services include site design and infrastructure planning, construction management, power protection and security planning.
For more information Email: Sales@MainlineComputer.com or call (800)686-5312.

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