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Mainline Computer Generator Service

Customized Planned Maintenance Programs to insure reliability of your generator system. Like any other piece of equipment, your generator power system needs periodic maintenance to keep it in top condition and ready to perform when you need it most. We can customize a plan specific to your needs and budget.

Generators are electromechanical machines that require maintenance and experience a wide range of environmental conditions. Generators with unit-mounted radiators require a large volume of outside air to be brought into the room and across the generator surfaces. Outside air temperatures vary widely, as does humidity. Outside air also can contain moisture, humidity, pollen, dust, insects, and other particulates.

Generators themselves generate substantial heat, vibration, and noise. These factors combine to create adverse environmental conditions that will inevitably affect system reliability. It is not recommended to provide screens or filters on intake grills and louvers to alleviate dust and debris, as those methods will become clogged and prevent proper airflow, which may adversely affect a generator system's cooling and capacity.


When generator systems need to be maintained, they are taken out of service. This prevents them from starting during an outage and necessitates careful planning by the facility, which usually results in work performed outside of normal hours that require interim life safety measures.

The 2016 edition of NFPA 110: Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems, Article 7.13, requires that additional sources of standby emergency power be available during generator maintenance. Paralleled generator systems may provide redundancy of required systems. This means that regular maintenance can be provided during periods of convenience, which increases the likelihood that maintenance will be performed on a regular basis.

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