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Data Center Cooling Got You Hot?

Proper airflow distribution and delivery is the key to providing optimal cooling and efficiency to today's increasingly higher density server racks.

HotSpotr™ fan assisted floor tiles eliminate hot spots caused by today's High Density loads. HotSpotr mechanically delivers more air (up to 1200 cfm) to the face of your hottest racks.

Most Data Centers cool their entire room to the hottest racks, so when you eliminate the hot spots, you can reduce your overall cooling requirement, raise supply air temperatures and return set-points, improve efficiency, and dramatically lower cooling costs.

Key Feature Include:

- Easy installation and integration without interruptions. Installs in the place of (can ship attached to new tile) or be installed under an existing perfed tile.
- Safely air-cools and supports 10-12kW racks
- Delivers up to 1200 CFM vs. 25% tile average of 300cfm, and 56% tile average of 600 cfm
- Replaces and/or mounts directly to popular grates (adaptors available for all 24" and 600mm floor and tile types)
- Thermostatically controlled to dynamically maintain desired temperatures
- Scalable - so you can start by trying just one HotSpotr to cool your hottest rack
- Can be networked for more robust "Demand Based Intelligent Cooling" Solution with Monitoring Service.
- HotSpotr enables you to mechanically overcome hot spots by delivering more cooling only where it's needed and only when it's needed. The result is more efficient cooling from your existing cooling investment..

Data Center Infrastructure cooling issues that can be quickly solved with HotSpotr include under floor obstructions, shallow raised floor height, high density racks, poor CRAC placement, poor rack placement, and poor room layout.

In short, the HotSpotr is a quick and effective solution to solve Data Center airflow and cooling problems that cannot be solved by today's passive cooling methods and design methods.

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