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IT Containers
IT Containers
Available in 20, 40 and 53-foot sizes, with mechanical and electrical gear in a separate container or have it share a single container with racks of IT gear.
Military IT Containers
Military IT Containers
Ready-to-Deploy IT Containers ~
Office Containers
Office Containers
We offer turn-key Portable or Mobile Container Solutions~
Smart Building
Smart Building
A Highly Secure Standalone IT Room bulilt for Outdoor Applications~
Smart Bunker
Smart Bunker
Providing Security, A/C, Power, Monitoring & Fire-Protection.
Smart Modular Datacenter
Smart Modular Datacenter
Ruggedized Data Centers
Ruggedized Data Centers
Solutions for Oil/Gas, Military & Offshore

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Containerized Datacenters provide a fully functional and portable data center inside an ISO container with complete datacenter infrastructure. Our Modular Containerized DatacCenters are also available as standalone IT, power and cooling modules that you can combine to achieve a fully plug & play large scale modular data center.

Concerns over power and space limitations, capital and operational expenditures can be now addressed through containerized datacenter. Modular Containers are rugged, portable and energy efficient containerized datacenters that provide plug & play datacenter capacity inside an ISO container in a fast and cost effective way. Vendor neutral and deployable in virtually any environment, containers are available as all-in-one compact units providing a fully functional data center in a pod in standard models of 20’ 40’ and 53’. They are also available as standalone power, cooling and IT units and can, upon request, be combined and customized for large scale container farms deployments.

Type of Containers Available:

Compact all-in-one Container

• Contains all required components for data center operation
• N+1 Power and cooling
• Ideal for deployment in remote locations
• Ideal mobile contingency for disaster recovery
• Provides additional capacity when plant and rack space is at its limits
• Up to 19 x 42u Server cabinets
• Up to 750kW of power and cooling in 320 Sq.Ft.

IT Standalone Container

• Up to 19 x 42u Server cabinets
• Used in conjunction with services support container
• Up to 750kW of power and cooling in 320 Sq.Ft.
• N+1 Cooling and power distribution
• Suitable for use with containerized cooling such as NFC & CW block

Natural Free Cooling Container
• Provides an alternative to all cooling plant
• Highly energy efficient
• Used with IT services container it can provide 400 kW of cooling
• Can be used to provide cooling to brick and mortar DC

Direct Free Cooling Container
• DFC module uses outdoor air to cool DC when suitable outdoor temp & humidity exist
• Requires support of chiller of cooling tower for when conditions are not suitable
• In the right environment can bring massive energy savings
• Can be used to cool IT services container of brick and mortar DC.

Chilled Water Block Container
• Provides and alternative to rack cooling plant
• Used in conjunction with IT services and Stand alone container
• Can be used to provide additional cooling to brick and mortar DC
• Requires chiller, cooling tower or dry cooler.

Power Container
• Power upgrades in existing data centers.
• Deployable outdoors.
• Future reutilization.
• Ideal for mobile contingency.

Containerized Vestibule
• Entry area for IT services module
• Additional protection for IT hardware when deployed in desert or arctic environment
• Cab be fitted with an airlock
• Can be fitted with work station to provide local consol access to IT


Alternative thinking for large Data Centers
• Multiple containers working together
• Consisting of rack modules, cooling modules, services modules, generator modules and vestibule modules
• Enables a defined building block approach to DC expansion
• Multiple types cooling technology can be deployed simultaneously
• Easy mixing of high and low density areas
• No requirement for a building
• Containers can be stacked vertically drastically reducing required area
• Enables rapid deployment and expansion

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