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IBM 3590/3590E Tape Cartridges
IBM 3590/3590E Tape Cartridges
IBM LTO Tape Cartridges
IBM LTO Tape Cartridges
IBM Storage Media

IBM offers a wide range of storage media products to support applications ranging from PC desktop to enterprise-wide mainframe libraries. We have counted on their round reel tape, tape cartridges, optical disks, CD-R, DVD, diskettes, and cleaning cartridges to dependably archive, organize, share and/or back up your system files for over 50 years.

Special grip point and a form factor similar to 3590 cartridges allow the 3592 tape cartridge to work in an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Library 3494, where it can reside alongside IBM 3490 and 3590 cartridges. The 3592 cartridge is also designed to work in the StorageTek 9310 Powderhorn Tape Library. In addition, high-capacity cartridges can help reduce the amount of equipment as well as the number of cartridges and tape mounts required in a data center, helping to lower operational costs throughout the enterprise. For more information on the 3592 tape cartridge, contact Mainline today!

Cartridge memory is built into every 3592 cartridges is accessed, the tape drive stores access history and media performance information, enabling data center administrators to better track cartridge usage.

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