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Personal Environmental Control System- Model # ME100
Personal Environmental Control System- Model # ME100
Micro Environments Self-Contained System
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Personal Environmental Control System- Model #ME100N
Personal Environmental Control System- Model #ME100N
Ducted System
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Micro Environments is a personal environmental control system that is attached to a work surface,
combining environmental control, lighting control and lift functions inside a single unit. It is available in two models, a self-contained one-piece design and a design with ducted supply air.


• Adjustable louvers allow air to be directed at the user
• Stores up to 99 unique user profiles
• Forced air heating – variable output
• Variable speed cooling fan
• Integrated Linak leg lifts
• Color touch screen control
• Integrated motion sensor that shuts down fan, heater and task lighting after ten (10) minutes of inactivity
• Task light dimming

Product Options:
There are two options for this solution:

a.) Self-Contained (Model ME100)

b.) Ducted (Model ME100N)

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