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Mainline Computer Ucoustic™, AcoustiQuiet™ Quiet Racks

Ucoustic 9210 Edge
Ucoustic 9210 Edge
Unbeatable 12kw Cooling Capacity
Ucoustic Series <b>Economy </b>Wall Mount Enclosure
Ucoustic Series Economy Wall Mount Enclosure
Cooling Capacity up to 1.5kW
Attenuates up to 20.7dBA & Removes up to 3kW of Heat

We really like the cabinet. We ended up having to install a very noisy router in an equipment room that is also used as office area for some Technical staff. The cabinet worked great for this application.

Steve Marek
Plant Manager
Spring Valley Telephone

More and more organizations are discovering the benefits of quiet cabinets. In this section of our website we want to get you up to speed with why they are such a fantastic solution for so many IT situations.

Customer Testimonial:

Very impressed with the product! Wow, it really works, I was so amazed. When the doors are open I cannot have a conversation with a client, however when I shut the doors I can barely here the spindles. Fantastic product, thanks for taking such great care of me.

All the best,

Thom Defranco
Global Director, Cloud CTS
HGST ~ A Western Digital Company

• No need for dedicated closet or separate space
• No Architect or Engineering fees
• No special cooling requirements (except ambient a/c in room)
• Take it with you - completely portable - move it wherever
• Quiet rack cabinets are far more energy efficient than dedicated server rooms.
• Many organizations are working to achieve environmental goals in an age of ecological enlightenment.

• A 5-decibel reduction can cut the risk of hearing loss in half.
• Productivity of employees. Prolonged exposure to loud environments creates stress and can lead to accidents.
• Insurance companies are applying pressure to corporations due to hearing loss claims filed under workman's comp laws.
• Government regulations enforced by OSHA, State and local laws.

• Human Whisper – 40 dBA
• Background noise in an average office, without talking- 50 dBA
• Background noise in a busy office, without talking- 55 dBA
• Normal conversation speech – 60 dBA
• Typical noise from portable air conditioners – 55 dBA
• Typical noise from 2 x low form factor servers – 62 dBA
• Typical noise from 4 x low form factor servers – 65 dBA
• Typical noise from 8x low form factor servers- 68 dBA

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