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Airflow Management addresses the need to improve data center computer cooling efficiency by preventing the recirculation of hot air exhausted from IT equipment and reducing bypass airflow. There are several methods of separating hot and cold air streams, such as hot/cold aisle containment and in-row cooling units.[

Overheating of data center equipment can result in reduced server performance or equipment damage due to hot exhaust air finding its way into an air inlet. Atmospheric stratification can require setting cooling equipment temperatures lower than recommended. Mixing the cooled air and exhausted air increases refrigeration costs.

Optimizing the efficiency of an older data center can be a challenge, but there are quite a few techniques that can be used to reduce energy consumption, increase floor-space utilization and improve cooling efficiencies without requiring a significant capital budget.

Airflow Management Solutions Includes:

• Airflow Panels & Grates
• Expandable Filler Panels
• Floor Grommets
• Server Rack Blanking Panels
• Subfloor Baffling

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