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Lift-5 Server Transporter Lifting Capacity 185 Lbs. #L5-185

Continuous lifting chain provides smooth starts-stops ~ Raises to 56"


Its innovative compact design distributes the load evenly over four oversized casters that roll easily over thresholds and uneven floors.

Lift is achieved by a powered, continuous chain in the Lift-5 single mast. The narrow mast design provides unmatched visibility. A hand-held push-button remote allows the operator to lift or lower the platform from any side of the unit and at dual speeds for safe, efficient control. Because the lift is mechanical and not hydraulic, there is zero drift and no possibility of messy hydraulic leaks. The battery-charge indicator is mounted centrally on the push handle in direct view, and an auto-cutoff function prevents overcharging.

Ideal for offices, computer rooms. Available in four models with load capacities ranging from 185 to 445 lbs. Maximum lift heights of the platform/forks range from 52 in to 65 in;. The unit ergonomic contoured sponge grip; handles can be adjusted to accommodate operators of different heights.A continuous lifting chain provides two vertical travel speeds with smooth starts and stops. It also allows for precise load positioning with zero drift.

Lift-5 Features:
- Pushbutton Remote Control is mounted conveniently on the handle, and has a telephone style cord for remote operation.
- High visibility battery status indicator shows power information at a glance. On board charger provides quick battery recharging.
- Oversized Ergonomic sponge grip handle provides operator comfort and a variety of grip positions.
- Wheels feature brake locks for safety while loading or unloading steering lock for straightline travel, and protective toe guards.
- Units are available with either platform or fork design.
- Detachable control unit can be operated remotely
- Two (2) vertical travel speeds
- No risk of hydraulic fluid leaks
- Allows for precise load positioning with zero drift.
- Lift capacities range from 185 lbs to over 400 lbs.
- Ball bearing wheels provide easy movement
- Smooth starts and stops
- Continuous lifting chain provides two vertical travel speeds with smooth starts and stops
- Built-in toe guards on lockable casters
- Precise load positioning, zero drift
- Fixed and telescopic masts
- No risk of fluid leaks
- Loads distributed over four wheels for stability
- Mechanical overload protection
- Comfort grip
- Battery indicator display

Advantages of the Lift-5's Unique Design:
- Loads are centrally and evenly distributed over all four (4) wheels for maximum stability.
- The mast is vertical and also lifts vertically so it will not bind even with off center loads.
- The control unit can be easily reached without removing hands from the steering handle.
- Detachable and can be used remotely.
- Two (2) speed function both up and down.
- Battery charge status indicator is easily visible.
- Ball bearing wheels roll easily on any surface and are equipped with toeguards for safety.
- Onboard battery charger plugs into any standard 115V outlet.
- Compact clean design.
- Mast is sealed and the motor cover is sealed also underneath.
- Mechanical overload protection without reset delay.
- Safety function to prevent trapping when lowering.
- Extremely high sideways stability of forks and platform.

For more information give us a call today at (800)-686-5312.


  • On Board Charger: 115 Volt
  • 24VDC Power
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 31" x 23 1/2" x 63"
  • Lowered Height: 5"
  • Rasied height: 56"
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty.
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    Limited 2 Year Warranty.


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