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Data center cabling contractors must address requests for increasing network cable density. Bundling cables greatly increases the number that can be brought into racks and cabinets. However, manual dressing of Cat6 cable is time-intensive and painful.

The Bundlizer is a cable dressing solution that allows the cable to be bundled while it is being pulled and eliminates the dressing step of the cabling installation process.

For the past 10 years we’ve conducted complex network cabling installations for mission critical environments in top tier data centers. We developed the Bundlizer to improve efficiency and eliminate the pain associated with manually dressing network cabling. This technology has been patented and is now available so you can benefit from all the Bundlizer’s features.

Bundling Tool, Cat5e and Cat6, with 24 x 0.2656" holes in exit plate, used for 12 and 24 cable bundles, can be fastened to a hand truck, work bench or cable reel fixture

Save installation time by eliminating dressing step
Higher margin projects
Faster installations
Greater cable density in racks and cabinets
Picture-perfect installations—fit and finish is unsurpassed!
Less strain on technicians
Faster troubleshooting and cable replacement
Rugged and lightweight engineered polymer
Handles up to 24 cables
Mount to hand carts, cable reels, or work platform
Easy break down for storage and transport

Cable bundling tool for 12 and 24 cable bundles with cable up to 0.26” diameter.

Fits on handcart, workbench, or reel cart.
Net Wt: Weight 7 lbs


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