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Protect Your Network Closet
Protect Your Network Closet
Deliver 24x7 communications!

Your mission-critical networks are carrying an exploding amount of voice, data and video. Looming on the horizon is a critical mass of VoIP, high speed access, and wireless applications. Telecommunications rooms and network closets will be asked to deliver reliable 24/7 operation of critical network communications throughout the entire enterprise.

Emerson Network Power delivers mission-critical power and cooling technology for business continuity and high-availability access to data and network applications. Clean, reliable power technology safeguards your routers, switches, modems and cabling devices from blackouts and daily power anomalies. Likewise, you gain optimum uptime and data protection for network gateways. Always-on power to your telecom rooms ensures you provide the highest availability, from the core enterprise to branches and network offices. And precision cooling technology tames the heat and humidity concentrated in small network spaces. You avoid potential damage to sensitive equipment caused by corrosion or static.


• Reliable power
• High-density cable management
• Wide area network (WAN) connection
• Energy efficiency
• Consistent rack temperature
• Remote equipment access

Emerson Network Power adaptive solutions in your network closets:

• Sustain equipment availability through rapid-response support
• Gain superior protection via integrated backup power
• Deliver scalable protection as you upgrade your telecom backbone
• Conduct remote monitoring and reboot
• Deliver converged network access protection
• Assure security through lockable enclosures

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