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Mainline Computer Per Outlet Power Sensing CDU

Blade servers and high density computing power requirements continue to increase within the Data Center, creating heat proliferation and more challenges for managing the IT environment. To maintain their competitive advantage, data center managers need solutions such as Sentry Switch POPS (Outlet Power Sensing) units that monitor, track and manage servers and IT equipment and the equipment cabinet infrastructure that houses them.

Sentry Switched POPS PDUs combine all the features and functions of a Switched PDU with the ability to provide power monitoring per an individual outlet/device.

Power Information Per Individual Outlet
- Current load (A)
- Voltage (V)
- Power (kW)
- Apparent power (VA)
- Crest factor
- Power factor

Using our grouping technology, power information is available per device, groups of devices (application), individual Cabinet PDU or cabinet.

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