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Mainline Computer Micro Data Centers

The Micro Data Center enable clients to immediately increase computing capacity while reducing power consumption with a completely ready-to-go operation.

This Micro Data Center is probably the most secure IT Room developed to date as a result of extensive experience and R&D developed throughout the deployment of over 300 Modular IT Rooms.

The Micro Data Center has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Its components, assembly processes and quality controls are executed in accordance with the highest international processes and standards (IEC, EN, ISO, DIN, etc).

The Micro Data Center structure provides the following general advantages:
- Modular & Secure
- Energy Savings
- Allows future expansion
- Fast and secure assembly
- Adaptable to building's room dimensions
- Clean and dust-free
- Fast deployment due to a prefabricated solution,
- Structure allows for reuse in case of relocation
- Clean room finishing surface
- High mechanical resistance
- No need of intermediate Columns.

The Micro Data Center structure provides the following specific technical advantages:
- Temperature and Humidity Certified by SGS
- Water and dust protection certified IP65 / NEMA 4
- Stagnant water tight
- Burglary protection level WK4
- Thermal insulation efficiency
- Acoustic Attenuation 30dB,
- EMC Protection (High and Low Frequency)
- Up to TEMPEST or EMP conditions upon request,
- Mechanical Resistance, fire protected walls, ceiling and door, 120 minutes, earthquake resistant.

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