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Mainline Computer Shredders

Eco-Saver Shredders
Eco-Saver Shredders
High Volume
High Volume
For large departments or entire companies require high volume shredding choose from one of these shredders.
Maximum Security Shredders
Maximum Security Shredders
SEM Shredder Model 266 is the only shredder to meet the new standards before NSA/CSS 02-01
Shred Service vs. Mainline Shredders

Shred Service
- Cost is 20-40% higher than shredding in-house
- Handing off care, custody and control of
- Industry and document destruction certificates
are not regulated by the U.S. government
- Low level of security (Standard is level 1)
- Difficult to implement nationally and keep consistent
- More vulnerable to internal document theft (documents are easily accessible)
- One key fits all shred bins at an organization and all shred service's customers

Mainline Shredders:
- Fixed cost solution
- Excellent shredder offering
- Highest sheet capacity to ensure immediate document destruction without increasing labor cost
- Levels of security ranging from level 1 to level VI
- Documents are destroyed at the appropriate level of security as soon as they are no longer needed
- Full post service support
- Longest warranty in the industry

See how we have provided cost-effective solutions for organizations nationwide.
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In addition, our services include site design and infrastructure planning, construction management, power protection and security planning.
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