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The new challenge for physical IT infrastructures:

Whether in small businesses or major enterprises - the demands placed on IT performance are growing incessantly. Highly complex applications, ever faster processors, round-the-clock information and communication call for more than just an intact physical infrastructure. This gives rise to a number of elementary questions:

- Racks (Server racks, Networking rack)
- Power (Power distribution, UPS 1-phase/3-phase, distributed parallel architecture)
- Cooling (passive cooling, active, rack-specific cooling, liquid cooling)
- Security (Monitoring function and sensors arbitrary)

- Are the climate control provisions for individual racks, server rooms or even
whole computing centres able to handle the greater heat generation?

- Are power supply and back-up designed for high availability?

- How can optimum use be made of the existing space when IT facilities are

- Are the applications and servers protected in case of hardware failures?

- Can all functions be managed efficiently via a perfect monitoring and remote
control system?

- Can expansion be integrated later without interrupting current operations?

- Are all the costs under control in the long term - from investment through to
operation and maintenance?

Rittal offers the solution: RimatriX5 - the integral, scalable and efficient system solutionfor ultimate IT performance.

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