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Mainline Computer Smart Modular Datacenter

The SMART SHELTER™ is a New concept in Secure IT Rooms that offers the following advantages:

- Proven complete Data Center turn-key package
- Customized configuration
- Security IT Room performance
- Easily deployed and scalable
- Re-usable panels and structure.
- Environmentally clean structure in case of expansion
- RF120 Fire Resistant standard.
- Simplifies project development
- Shortens IT Room construction process due to pre-engineered process
- Minimal Project Management
- Multiple configuration options

- Three choices
1. Stand-Alone Structure
2. Fitted to a specific room
3. Outdoor Installation

- 3D visualization and simulation software available
- Easy transportation and re-location.
- SMART SHELTER™ can be shipped World-wide

Mainline can provide a detailed plan to address your particular requirements.
For assistance on your project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at:
(800)-686-5312 or E-mail: Sales@MainlineComputer.com

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