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Containerized Datacenters provide a fully functional and portable data center inside an ISO container with complete datacenter infrastructure. Our Modular Containerized DatacCenters are also available as standalone IT, power and cooling modules that you can combine to achieve a fully plug & play large scale modular data center.

Concerns over power and space limitations, capital and operational expenditures can be now addressed through containerized datacenter. Modular Containers are rugged, portable and energy efficient containerized datacenters that provide plug & play datacenter capacity inside an ISO container in a fast and cost effective way. Vendor neutral and deployable in virtually any environment, containers are available as all-in-one compact units providing a fully functional data center in a pod in standard models of 20’ 40’ and 53’. They are also available as standalone power, cooling and IT units and can, upon request, be combined and customized for large scale container farms deployments.

Oil & Gas / Mining
Containers are designed and built to withstand marine and other harsh environments. ISO Containers are easily transportable, can be moved to a new production site when required, and deployed rapidly. All components of the container infrastructure are installed at manufacturing plant, eliminating the need of contractors on site.

Using ISO containers in both High Cube and Standard height formats, our Data Centers for military use are built to withstand the most demanding conditions and environments. Quick connections for power, cooling and data ensure a ready to use status in minimum time. Features such as anti-vibration pads, anti-ballistic armouring, DoD and NATO approved locks or TEMPEST protection are common features included in our designs. The Data Centers can be shipped with already integrated IT equipment and fit inside the C-130 cargo bays for air transportation with quick deployment anywhere in the World.

Off Shore
Integrating Data Centers into ultra-robust Offshore ISO type containers, ATEX compliant (optional), meeting specific industry standards and applying high grade painting protection (C5-M according to ISO 12944) make our solutions ideal for ships and off-shore platforms. Ready to use infrastructure requiring minimum installation time for the most demanding environment.

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