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Modular Enclosure for Stand-Alone Data Centers.
Empty Room to Data Center in 1 Week


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Prefabricated Containerized All-in-One IT Module 96kW 12 Racks
Prefabricated Containerized All-in-One IT Module 96kW 12 Racks
FanCoil Cooling 400V/50Hz
Configured Power: 96000
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Deploying a new data center is a challenge, requiring tremendous drain on resources. Building one in a short timeframe is nearly impossible.

The SmartMod™ offering is an intelligent, rapid deployable, modular enclosure for stand-alone data centers.

The SmartMod™ infrastructure solution is pre-engineered from the ground up to provide a complete power and cooling infrastructure and configuration flexibility that typical data center containers cannot. This means once you've configured your SmartMod enclosure, it becomes a data center manager's dream with remote management, intelligent controls, and unmatched engineering to accommodate your needs for economy and efficiency.

The SmartMod™ infrastructure from Emerson Network Power provides enhanced levels of availability, effi ciency and control in self-contained enclosures that can be deployed securely,
virtually anywhere. With the SmartMod solution, you get an effective alternative to traditional data centers, which gives you cost-savings, operational efficiency and the highest levels of availability - implemented in
just months.

SmartMod™ infrastructure is ideally suited for:

• Supplemental data center capacity
• Disaster recovery
• Remote data centers

With the SmartMod solution, Emerson Network Power has demonstrated CAPEX savings of about 8 percent AND OPEX savings of about 29 percent, as well as:

• Tested as a system, minimizing commissioning and deployment time. Full testing reports are provided

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