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Infinity Air Grate
Infinity Air Grate
Panels-Air Flow
Panels-Air Flow
Perforated Access Floor Panel
Perforated Access Floor Panel
Steel perforated panels are available with High Pressure Laminate, vinyl and rubber floor coverings.

The Infinity® Air Grate is a heavy duty 24" x 24" perforated steel floor panel that can adapt into virtually every access floor system ever made. With a massive 55% open area, the Infinity® Air Grate delivers over TWICE the cold air flow of other perforated panels along with the strength to support a static load of 1,500 LB.

Why Choose Infinity® Air Grate?
- 55% Open Area — Delivers over TWICE as much cold air as other perforated panels
- Universally Adapts to Most Floors
- Flush-fit Installations (- floor systems with a thickness of 1" to 1- 5/8" )
- Rugged Heavy Gauge Steel Panel
- Built-in, Self Retracting Easy Lift Handle
- Static Load of 1,500 LB
- Ultimate Load Capacity of 4,000 LB
- Accessory Options: Quad Damper Kit, Leveling Legs & Z-Plates (sold separately)

Built-in, Easy-lift Handle A self-retracting, easy-lift handle is built into every Infinity® Air Grate, making it the simplest panel to lift and manage. One finger lifts the handle allowing convenient removal of the grate. A durable, epoxy white powder coat finish is standard on all Infinity® Air Grates. It provides a long-wearing, corrosion-resistant finish to ensure years of outstanding service. The unique Quad Damper (patent pending) design "flexes" into place and easily throttles air flow up or down to help balance static pressure and for applications where full flow capacity of the Infinity® Air Grate is not required.

Infinity® Air Grate delivers three times the air cooling CFM1 to server racks in cold aisles of a high density data center. Computer rooms equipped with ordinary perforated airflow panels struggle to deliver 250-450 CFM, but certified tests show with a static pressure of .10 (H2O) inches, the Infinity® Air Grate with 55% open area2 delivers 1145 CFM.

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