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12u UCoustic™ 9210i Soundproof IT Cabinet-
12u UCoustic™ 9210i Soundproof IT Cabinet-"On Sale"

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24u Soundproof Server Cabinet- $ 5,499.00
24u Soundproof Server Cabinet- $ 5,499.00

42u Ucoustic 9210i Edge-Active Server Cabinet
42u Ucoustic 9210i Edge-Active Server Cabinet
• 31dB(A) Sound Reduction
• 12KW Heat Dissipation

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The best performance soundproof server cabinet in the world

Only the UCoustic 9210i provides
• 31dBA IT noise reduction
• Up to 12kW of heat load removal
• M2M Connecting Machine to Machine

The UCoustic 9210i 42U cabinet effectively removes up to 31dBA (99.9%) of IT noise, which is tech speak for saying that it will reduce server noise down to a whisper.

Air Flow

Active hardware requires a constant supply of cool air no matter where it is placed in the front of a cabinet. Uniquely the patent pending double path wardrobe doors provide a pathway to the 19” rack area and uniformly from top to bottom. The 9210i is then divided up into three separate sections, which forms the basis for the outstanding kW performances on all the models.

Unbeatable 12kw cooling capacity

Protecting expensive servers and switches or just general IT equipment is of paramount importance and by clever design the unique cooling system of the UCoustic 9210i enables the removal of up to 12kW of heat load in a 42U height cabinet.

The UCoustic 9210i can also deal with removing the exhaust heat rejected into the room from the cabinet via a ducting kit, again making for a pleasant and controlled working environment.

Intelligence (M2M) as standard

The UCoustic 9210i comes with built-in sensors and management software allowing data to be accessed from multiple devices remotely in turn this then provides real time status, alarms, alerts and defined reports which can be sent to up to ten user

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