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Mainline Computer AST-Modular

Self-contained, plug-and-play power plants.

Power Containers are modular, portable continuous power systems available for rapid deployment based on AST Global’s State-Of-The-Art highly efficient and highly resilient architecture. The Complete Power System is housed in a 20’ , 40’ , or 53’ ISO Container. The solutions are designed to meet customer’s specific requirements and can be deployed in any number of configurations, including adjacent to existing buildings, warehouses, roof top or even a parking lot.

• Power upgrades in existing data centers.
• Overcome space constraints.
• Deployable outdoors.
• Quick delivery.
• Hassle free upgrade.
• Future reutilization

All of our Power Containers are vendor neutral and most any UPS, PDU or Generator manufacturer can be integral to our design. All of our Power Containers are pre-assembled and tested at one of our operations facilities and delivered as an integrated system.

•IT & Communications
•Expansion or Reconstruction
•Disaster Support
•Oil & Gas

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In addition, our services include site design and infrastructure planning, construction management, power protection and security planning.
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